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Mooz 2 WiFi review


I am writing this article because i have won the Contest: Christmas Offer: Best Tools for DOBOT MOOZ and i have accepted the request from DOBOT team to share my first impressions.

First stop - unboxing the product - the video below shows most of the unboxing, most of it because my camera SD Card was full at one point and the recording stooped.

As you can see in the video this box contains lots of goodies:

1. The WiFi - it is based on ESP WiFi chip, this allows the printer to work in AP mode or to be connected to a router.

 Mooz2 WiFi Antenna Location























I believe that antenna is locate too close to the Z axis and also the WiFi chip is close to the stepper motor causing EM interference with the WiFi signal.

Mooz2 WiFi Antenna Assembled
























Back of the printer base with electronics removed to allow the assembly of the Z axis rails - notice the rectangular print of the thermal pad.

Keep the surface clean and do not touch the pad during assembly in order to ensure a good heat transfer from PCB to base.

Mooz2 WiFi Base
























One more thing to notice here is that the main board has also an empty space, i guess that this is the footprint for a Bluetooth module.

 Mooz2 WiFi Main Board














2. A new feature of the new design is the thermal pad that is placed on the main board on the stepper controllers side. This pad is the thermal link

between the board and the base of the printer that is now also a radiator.

As you can notice the Micro SD card connector is now placed on the board side, the plastic cover has a slot that allows mounting of the SD.

When you will assemble this printer you will have to remove the main board + plastic cover from the base, this is the best time to plug in your SD card,

later it will be a pain to access the card and this is not a design issue as this is a wireless and the SD acts as local storage.

The printer comes with and USB stick (with lots of example files) that can be plugged on the back of the printer.


3. New design for heated bed - now the heater is glued on glass that is fixed on the printer table (the CNC table) using 4 magnets

Mooz2 WiFi heated bed






























The connection from main board to the table can be permanent while you just connect the heated bed to the table 

 Mooz2 WiFi heated bed























Heated bed assembled on the table 

Mooz2 WiFi heated bed
























New CNC/LASER table design - I wonder if i can use the round pads as reference points for CNC/LASER 0 point.

Mooz2 WiFi CNC table































4. 3D Printer Extruder Nozzle Clogged? Acupuncture Needle.

This is a must have tool if you have a 3D printer, it can be bought from many stores but it is a very nice touch from Mooz team to add this in the kit.

Extruder Nozzle Clogged Calibrated Wire















5. 3D printer enclosure - last item on the list but not the least

This is a good have tool if you print ABS. The new enclosure has the looks but it designed a bit short on the back side and you need to take care with the cables.

I will not recommend this enclosure as protection for LASER because the Plexiglas color is blue.

I think i will stick to the old enclosure till i will print new supports for the filament roll that i will fix on the printer back.

Mooz2 WiFi Enclosure































(On my Kickstarter printer I have "upgraded" the bed - see here - and i can print Z-ABS, Z-Ultrat and Z-Glass at 260C for nozzle (i use CPU

thermal paste on the heating element) and 130C for bed cutting the heating time to 2-3 minutes because i can use a Heat Gun to heat up the bed.)

Mooz2 WiFi Enclosure and printer






















6. Other items

 Spare parts for printing head and heated bed

Mooz2 WiFi heating elements for print head

























Extra parts included in the kit: 

- Roll of PLA filament

- Protection glasses for LASER (green)

- USB cable

- Y axis dust cover

- Set of engraving tools

- 2 covers for heated bed

- Tools for assembly

Mooz2 WiFi parts included in the kit

Mooz2 WiFi CNC Tools

Mooz2 WiFi USB Stick












































































My Mooz heads collection

Mooz2 heads Collection
























The power supply i got in the box seems to be used and damaged, the plug is unusable but supply is identical with the old one so i will use this for testing

till i will order some plugs to fix the new one.

Mooz2 WiFi Damaged power plug

Mooz2 WiFi Scartched power supply
































Interface screenshots

The WiFi screen - AP on left hand side and Router on the right hand side

Mooz2 WiFi AP Screen































The WiFi screen - password screen

Mooz2 WiFi Setup Screen































The leveling screen - one "feature" is that you can't choose the step when you've reached a certain Z level, it will

only use the 0.06mm step, i guess this is a foolproof feature.

Mooz2 WiFi 3 Points leveling Screen































The Z0 screen - Same "feature" as above is present here

Mooz2 WiFi Set Z 0 Screen































Move/Homing screen

Mooz2 WiFi Move Screen































Informations screen - Ah....721hours already? I guess it includes the time spent with DHL

Mooz2 WiFi Informations Screen































Important : before start using the printer update the firmware. Note that the firmware for printer must be copied on the USB stick and not on the SD card as before.

Mooz2 WiFi Firmware update
































So far i have only managed to connect to printer using the Mooz App in AP mode

Note that the application is slow on QR scanning and you can't connect directly to the printer AP

Below are some app screen shots

1. Connection screen - some updates are required

The connection screen































2. App menu
































3. App upload
































Let's print

As a test part for the first print i have used one of my projects as a start point.

This is a stand for a USB microscope and i need to print a back cover for it.

My USB microscope stand































I use the diagonal of the bed to print bigger parts, this is also a very good method to check the leveling.

Mooz2 WiFi Cura Screenshot























 Printing in progress

Mooz2 WiFi print Screen


































And this is the result

Mooz2 WiFi first print result











I have also tested the LASER module and here we have a firmware issue, the LASER power control has some bugs, it is turning the laser on at high power leaving marks on your part, for the moment i will not use the new printer for CNC and LASER engraving.


ToDo: make one more LASER test and add pictures.


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