DSLR Camera Remote Control with Touch Shield Slide

DSLR Camera Remote Control with Touch Shield Slide

DSLR Camera Remote Control with TouchShield Slide


1. License agreement

Please read Liability Disclaimer and License Agreement CAREFULLY

2. Software


2.1 The library's needed for this project must be unzipped and copied in to folderYourAntiPasto\hardware\arduino\cores\touchshield\src\components\libraries\

The archive contains also the EEPROM library (this is needed to store the remote parameters in to TouchShield Slide 4096 bytes of EEPROM). To a better understanding read

the "Problem with EEPROM on arduino Slide guide" post on Arduino forum. You can follow the steps from that post or you can download an unzip the modified file in to


WARNING: Do notwrite anything into TouchShield Slide EEPROM from index 0 to 28. 0-27 are used to store screen calibration data and 28 (value 20)

is used to store a check for the same data.

2.2 Another bug in the AntiPasto IDE is the limit of 33 (in some cases 32) images that can be uploaded on the TouchShield Slide. The solution for this bug I've founded on

OpenMoCo.org. You can download the TouchShield OpenMoco UI code from their site (extract the files from openmoco-trunk.tar.gz\trunk\touchSlide in to

YourAntiPasto\hardware\arduino\cores\touchshield\src\components\board\or you can download and unzip the files used by me in the same folder - modified fonts included).

2.3 Download NewSoftSerial library from Arduiniana an copy it to YourAntiPasto\hardware\arduino\cores\arduino\src\components\libraries\.

2.4 Download GVI Camera Remote Control Touch - the sketch to upload in to Arduino Duemilanove (upload this sketch first and don't forget to press the programming button on the Slide).

2.5 Download GVI Camera Remote Control Arduino - the sketch to upload in to Arduino Duemilanove (second sketch to upload).


3. Connections


The following pins are used on Arduino board

Pin Function
D5 Buzzer
D6 Sensor 1 Power
D7 Sensor 2 Power
D8 Device 1 Shutter
D9 Device 1 Focus
D10 Device 2 Shutter
D11 Device 2 Focus
A0 Read Battery (NA)
A1 Read Sensor 1
A2 Read Sensor 2

The Battery indicator is not yet implemented because at this moment i have no info about TouchShield Slide interrupts,

so if anyone can share some light on this problem is more than welcomed.

Also please post your suggestions or bug reports.

3. 3D file

The 3DXML file (download 3DXML Player)


4. Video demo

 5. The case is made from LASER cut Acrylic GS panels at  Formulor

DSLR Remote Control front view

DSLR Remote Control back view

DSLR Remote Control side view 1

DSLR Remote Control side view 2


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