DSLR Ring Flash

DIY Ring Flash/Lamp for DSLR cameras

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This is a DIY project of a ring flash/lamp to be used on DSLR cameras. It is powered by a 9V battery or

by a 9V external power supply. It is mounted on the lens using one adapter ring on 67mm (0.75mm pitch)

thread an the controller was inserted in to AGFA flash in order to be used in my camera hot shoe. I uses a 5V

regulator to be compatible with EOS 450D, so be aware of this if you want to build one for yourself.

I've attached the Ring Flash Schematic and Controller Ring Flash Schematic Revision 2.

As a side note i intend to get more magnification and in order to do it i will try the "Reverse Lens Mount"

with 67mm thread lens on body (70-200 f4 L IS and 100 f2.8 L IS) with 58mm thread (18-55 IS) and 52mm thread (50mm f1.8).

The adapter rings are Reverse Macro Ring Converter Ring 67 to 58 and Reverse Macro Ring Converter Ring 67 to 52.

PS: Here is the drawing for the Adapter Ring. Thread parameters are: D=67mm Pitch =0.75mm

The 3DXML file (download 3DXML Player)



 LED Ring Flash + support

LED Ring Flash + Controller

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