DIY Star Tracker

DIY Star Tracker

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One of the new features of the new version of GVI DSR Camera Remote Control is the ability to track stars in the night sky, we need to know the Right Ascension and Declination of the star we want to track.

In order to do this in algorithm behind this feature is based on Sidereal Time Calculator (so the inputs are Julian Dates), to ease the ATMega 328 i have made some math before and i came up with values for Greenwich Apparent Sidereal Time (see GPS MT3329 page).

In order to store data like name, RA and DEC of the stars i added to this controller a 1Mbit 25LC1024 SPI memory from Microchip and the Arduino sketch to upload data is Load Stars To Memory.

This board will also be responsible for control of the mechanism and the AS5048A Rotary Sensor and will communicate directly with DSLR Camera Remote Control with Touch Shield Slide via Serial link.

DSLR Camera is connected using 3.5mm jack and is electrical isolated from the GVI Star Tracker by optocouplers.

The ATMega 328P is clocked at 24 MHz using ATMega328P - Burning bootloader

GVI Star tracket PCB Top View

GVI Star tracket PCB Bottom View

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